A.J. Croce - Thats Me In The Bar

Song Rating: 7.47/10

Song lyrics:

You broke my heart in half the time
Than its been broken before
You took my soul
And thats a crime
When you walked out the door
I said why are you leaving
You said who needs a reason
Its me that youre grieving
And him that youre pleasing
Dont hold back now youve gone too far
Thats him in the window
And me in the bar

Well I dont need our explanations
And I dont need your alibis
And I dont need your conversations
Cause I dont need another lie
So its over
And this I understand
While Im in supply
Well hes in demand
One man feels miserable
The other feels grand
Three cheers for the loser lets give him a hand

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 13:17