C-Jay - Action Speaks Louder

Song Rating: 8.73/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: CJay]
You with your whole crew in that Pathfinder, let me set that aux cord on fye
First thing my first name is Real, why you think? The Lord know I dont lie
Gotta vacate for 8 days, hey bae I cant wait for payday
You in a safe place even though your ex caught you on tape in your late days
I caught you when you was young and dumb; They say Kim K, Ray J
Take me for real; no play play
And when you say it please say it with a straight face aye
Why you wanna mess with OGs?
Lord bless his soul... please
Stop with the X and Os
He better respect the code or d**h unfolds
And I doubt it, you all lip service you aint bout sh**
Why you wanna tell on me? Here you just took a L homie
Fony as well homie now you moving outta Lauderdale on me
Broward County 954 Damn right im on my south flow

[Hook 1: CJay]
Action speaks louder than words
(Louder and louder they speak up)
Action speaks louder than words so keep your mouth closed
(They speak up they speak up they speak up)

[Verse 2: Zenti]
Thats the last time I front these n***as b**h you mustve forgot we in South Flo
Got the single on the site, click download
Got a quarter of the O; ask me how low
Everybody trynna find out where a muhf**a been
Ive been chilling with my n***as by the river blowing wind
If it aint about money I dont even give a sh**
If you wanna talk business I could put you on the list (Woah)
Still fly, you a old guy
When I tell yo a** jump ask how high
Got a bad b**h riding with me on the TaoTao when its hot as f** so you know she got her a** out
You can see my whole crew chilling in the background
Imma keep swinging til these s**er rappers tap out
Say it aint so why I have to pull the cash out
Every time I rap everybody wanna ask how
How... How many bars can a n***a spit?
How many b**hes can a single n***a hit
How many b**hes in this muhf**ing whip
sh** how many n***as in this muhf**ing clique?
Thats right I dont give a single f** and every night I finish up I drink a cup
And every n***a in my team is hitting blunts and every b**h that know wa**up wanna f**

[Hook 2: CJay]

[Outro: CJay]

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