Cago Leek - YSN Part 2

Song Rating: 9.60/10

Song lyrics:


b**h, (KidWond3r You Made This Beat Dang)
You know how im rockin b**h
Get yo guns up, get yo funds up
You on that opp sh**, get mop stick b**h (gang)

[Verse 1: Lud Foe]

We pull up on the op side, shots fired
We got rugers and Fns, b**h dont let me f**
I f** her bestfriend
We do drive-bys, Hit all yall
We do walk ups and pop ups, Whole lot of shots when this Glock bust
Duck n***a, you f** n***a, Put these hollows in yo a**
We aint playin with no wanna be tough n***a
Bankrolls, yeah my trues, they be stuff with em
And I aint lettin not a f** n***a, try to f** wit em
f** a ski mask, cause ion need it
I go bare face, they make me change the murder rate
Foenem be beating murder case
Cause ima pull up, with a forgi on a straight 8
We got macs for days, f** i look like totin a 38
We gang bang and i hope you on the same thang
We hit yo fee fee and shoot it up, n***a gang gang
Who is this f** n***a with his hat broke off
Im rollin off the ecstasy, its hard for me to maintain
f** the feds, free all of my n***as out the chain gang
I was in the trap gettin head from yo main thang
f** a red laser, we got choppas with green beams
I stomped a n***a out, still got blood on my shoe string
Run up in yo house, i need all of that lose change
n***as run they mouth, they just talk, they be fu gang
We can shoot it out, this tec spit out blue flames
Trynna get some fame, lose yo life in this rap game


Yeah im still same young outwest n***a
You rock with the opps, then you gone die with em
Im posted onna block , with a big 4 nickel
The police on my a**, they trynna take my picture
b**h I live the life of a young street n***a
We live by the code and we f** these b**hes
I f**ed a check up, im gucci, went to sleep in linen
Extended clip in this Uzi, I cant help but hit ya

(Gang Gang)(Cago Leek) x2

[Verse 2: Cago Leek]

Ion trust a lot of n***as, a lot of n***as
They gone tell tell, but ima get this money
Free my n***as out that cell cell, f** n***a
Dont get sent off like some damn mail
Thinkin that im sweet, fill his head with some damn shells
Lud foe, when you see them n***as we gone jump out
Riding shotgun so, you know i brought the pump out
Stalk a n***a crib, ima stand till he come out
n***as totin 30s, So Lil Pablo brought the drum out
I got a phone call, i heard Lud Foe in that jam jam
b**h im gone get em, ion care bout what the bail is
Broke n***as yall not really in the field fam
You say you a shooter but yo a** dont shoot to k** k**
I know some hot heads, they be smokin n***as like some pot heads, b**hes keep tellin me bout what the opps said
Growing up, i can tell you bout what that block did
10 on that d, that turned me into a block head

[ Verse 3: Lud Foe]

You aint from around here, you get found here
Boy you lackin, you see that fire bullets burst out that mac like a dragon
Im from out west where we tote tecs its a habit
Shes a hot b**h, make her top sh** while im driving
You on that opp sh** you get mob stick boy we sliding
You not a drilla, not a k**a, you not a savage
Stalked up gorillas for them junkies b**h im trappin
Out the bando, drapped in Dolce, and Gabbana
Money in the shoe box, loaded guns in the mattress
I only f** foreign thots , aint none of my b**hes average
I went to sleep with two hoes, i woke up in a mansion
Ridin round with two poles, you know whats finna happen
Im ridin with my strap and you danglin, danglin
He ion know how foenem be bangin, bangin
They gone see how yo brains be hangin, hangin
b**h im Boochie Gang, I aint changin changin
Dont test yo luck, f** with us yous a dead man
We dont give a f** we pull up k**in everything
b**h we gone slide, and i put that on everything
Leave bodies outside we shoot b**hes and everything


I fell of in the club with some thugs got my semi tucked
Yo b**h trynna f** for my guwop, she a silly duck
Pull up on yo block, foenem hangin out off that Hemi truck
Why you sellin dope? b**h i gotta get this money up


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 22:08