Cdot Honcho - 50 of Em

Song Rating: 7.87/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Cdot Honcho]
In a coupe with them autos in em
Each one got them hollows in em
So when I pull up on ya block
And let the Mac spark
Better hope that his god be with em
My eyes low cause Im smoking on k**
I aint lacking bet Im gripping on steel
Plus I heard n***as plotting on me
Run up on me and his scalp getting pealt
Run up on me and them rounds getting spilled
Run up on me and his crown getting filled
Lil bro posted with the 50 shot
Catch a opp on our block and bananas getting pealt
On the real n***as aint on sh**
Pull up watch his wig get split
Roll a dub while Im off this big six
Then I hit the club, prolly pay a b**h rent
But I never give a stupid b**h sh**
I just give her every inch of this dick
Then I bail out blunts get lit
Flame up tell a b**h get lost
And Im throwing bullets n***a get mossed
All my young n***as wild letting semis off
Take em down 30 rounds thatll get em off
Smoke sum dope out the pound then I sleep it off

[Verse 2: Lil Herb]
Yeah Glocks with choppers we got plenty of em
We over east if you want smoke, pull up on yo block and that 50 drumming
On the Ess** block with a roll on me and this 4-0 come and get you something
Call lil bro, a n***a want war? f** the PoPo we dont give em nothing
Why you think I call my n***a 60 shot? He gone tote for me, he gone keep em coming
Them No Limit Boys a pull on any block, saying f** Rock, better pick a gun up
We riding round and we got em on us
Run up on you now my n***as one up
Glock with choppers, lurking till the sun up
Hollows in them 50s dont get burnt up

[Verse 3: Cdot Honcho]
And you know my n***as in them Range Rovs
Sipping strait drop with them long poles
Hit the block with them Glocks cocked
Once I send shots watch em lay low

Slugs all in his kangol
Tell my young n***as get his pesos
Homies ask what happen with em
Say them hollows split em cause he aint go
Next day making s** tapes
While Im with the bros at yo b**h place
Hit the b**h then forget the b**h
But I left my kids on your b**h face
Drop a n***a then I switch states
And the the car stole so we switch plates
Bezel on me caught yo b**h face
Now she hella on me give my dick space

[Verse 4: Lil Herb]
Look.... And dont forget go cop my mixtape
I got bad hoes in another state
They dont know me but know how my dick taste
And I pray to god I never piss test cause I be smoking dope pouring big 8ths
I be leaning but I aint lacking boy, run up on me , Ima make this b**h quake
I like Robin Jeans, I like Trues and Fendi
Price of act? I might choose the Remi
30s, 40s, we got Uzis, Semis
Lots of ammo cause we use too many
Hollows clapping if yo goons offend me
Aint no snitching, we a loose the witness
And all the opps got empty Glocks,
Dont let em tell you that they out here cause them goons pretending

[Verse 5: Cdot Honcho]
Sneak dissing we a wet em up
Send my b**h to go and set em up
Roll up on em let them Ninas bust
When them hollows hit em aint not gettin up
b**h Im leavin while Im facing blunts
All my n***as Wildin, feelin semis up
Front his move and we gone hit em up
Heard him talking sh** shoot em in his tongue
And the pack Im smoking it be heavy loud never running out I got plenty of it
And my n***as be hella wild shootin hella rounds they plenty of em
Got them 30s and them 40cals
I a take em down and forget about em
Young n***as brought them drummers out
If you running up, give you 50 of em

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 10:13