Diabolic - Suffolks Most Wanted

Song Rating: 8.62/10

Song lyrics:

Calling all cars, we have an all-points bulletin out for two Caucasian males
The first, R.A. The Rugged Man
The second being, Diabolic
Wanted in connection with a series of bar fights
With outstanding warrants for: Public intoxication, public urination, disorderly conduct and generally just smoking up
Over [Verse 1: R.A. The Rugged Man]
Yo, better than the best, making a head burst to the best experts
My worst verse is better than your best verse
Compared to me? Im Rakim and youre Fred Durst
Youre a snitch and betrayer, Im the clip-sprayer
Youre a b**h licking popsicles that are dick flavor
Ive got a vengeance, Ill murder, leaving you dead and beheaded
Im leaving more bodies than the 1918 influenza epidemic
Thought you was believing atheism and hating religion
And replacing religion with patriotism
Im murdering and Im mutilating any pagan or mason
Its living, its black, steal our chaos when I break into prison
The bloody ape is arisen Im the creation of freebase
And in the streets when the police chasing
The track lubricated in Vaseline Im beat-raping
Filthy rapper thats rapping in pack in the mid when Im packing the pen
Im ma**acring men, Im hated by Buddhists, Baptists and Catholics and the pope of the Vatican
Hated by Satanist Hindus, hated by Madonna while shes following Kabbalah
Ill slap you up and slam you like Hogan versus Kamala whether Bush or Obama
Its a soap opera, Im the embodiment of Cold Crush and Bambaataa
You dudes is feminine girly rappers, spitting b**h bars
That aint spitting, thats your mouth having a vaginal discharge
Im on a mission like Moses when he was headed to Pharaoh
And Im more deadly than the murderous hands of Edwin Valero, come on [Chorus]
No one gives a f** about these scumbags
In Suffolk County and we wear these colors proudly
Coppers need to up the bounty
If these s**ers run their mouth we snap and act too f**ing rowdy (R.A. The Rugged Man) *scratching* Suffolk County thats the place we live

(Billy Danze) *scratching* Aint nobody stopping this here
(R.A. The Rugged Man) *scratching* Suffolk County thats the place we live
(Jeru The Damaja) *scratching* Youll get your snotbox bust you press up on this [Verse 2: Diabolic]
Heres the plan, steal my brothers van and drive it from the motherland
With guns in hand, and buck the fans its summer jam
Understand? But Rugged Mans up in there
In a bathrobe and underwear, chugging beer
Grabbing a fat b**h by her f**ing hair
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, well have them all running scared
Jumping chairs till they trample every motherf**er there
From the jungle where theres lions, tigers and a bunch of bears
Oh my, most die but hes so high he doesnt care
Was it fair? Probably not, Papi thats just poppycock
Im lifted like Im Ivan Drago, Rockys throwing body shots (Bah!)
Karate chops Im haughty SWAT till its Mollywhop
Punani popping models running trains like a hobby shop (Choo choo)
No lollipop, candy coat and shipping cutie pies
Groupie thighs are spread like GYNs and checking UTIs (Ew)
Ill make a movie like Sun Doobie if the bootys fly
Suffolks Most Wanted smoking loosies in a hoopy high
Stupid, yours truly flying over the cuckoos nest
Hungry like Im out in Budapest chewing human flesh (Yum)
Moving through your set with the same Suffolks squad
Hustle hard, smack a juice head and jack his muscle car (b**h)
Getting drunk in bars, breaking jaws where trouble starts
My train of thoughts stays on course, L-I double R
A couple stars from Stony Brook to Huntington
Running in the spotlight, dont let these motherf**ers in [Chorus] [Outro]
Officer needs a**istance, officer down!
Suspects last seen fleeing south on Route 110 in a stolen police cruiser with their middle fingers out the window screaming, f** the police!
Uh, uh, we- we lost them
Uh, awh sh**, we lost them
Whereabouts unknown
*stammering* Ahhh, f**

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 09:25