Disney - You Can Fly

Song Rating: 9.45/10

Song lyrics:

(Wendy)But Peter how do we get to Neverland?
(Peter) Fly of course
(Wendy) Fly
(Peter) Its easy, you think of a wonderful thought
(Kids) Any happy little thought
(Peter) Uhh huh
(Wendy) Like toys at christmas
(John) Sleigh bells and snow
(Peter) yep, watch me now here I go
Its easier to fly
(Wendy) He can fly
(John) He can fly
(Michael) He flew
(Peter) Now you try
(W) Ill think of a mermaid lagoon huuuhh onder a magic moon
(J) Ill think Im in a pitrate ship
(M) Ill think Im in a Indian grave
(P) Now every body try
(All) 1 2 3
(K) we can fly, we can fly, we can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
(P) This wont do wats the matter wit u all it takes is faith and trust ohh theres something I forgot
(M) dust

(W) dust
(J) Dust
(P) yep just a little bit of pixie dust, now think of the happiest things, it the
Same as having wings
(W) lets all try it just once more
(J) Look were raising off the floor
(M) Jimmeny
(W) Ohh my we can fly
(P) You can fly
(A) We can fly
(P) Come on every body here we go off to neverland
Think of a wonderful thought any merry little thought, think
Of Christmas think of snow think of slegh bells off you go like raindeers in the sky
You can fly you can fly you can fly!!!
Think of the happiest thing its the same as havin wings
Take a path and through the gate, if the moon is still awake
Youll see him wink his eye
Ohh you can fly you can fly you can fly
Off you go to a magical loogon theres a neverland lookin for you where all
Your happy dreams come true
Every dream that you dream will come true
When theres a smile in your heart theres no better time to start
Think of all the joy ull find when u l

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