Edai - War (Remix)

Song Rating: 9.46/10

Song lyrics:

Now when you dont respect me, Im gonna spank your a**
I dont give a f** how rich you got; on the block, Im your big brother. I will break your big a** down. And thats my only point

[Hook] x2

I got love for my block, b**h I got love for my block
Thats us f**ing up on your thot she say she love them D blocks
I wont stop, 300 twice and thats the squad that I rep
This aint no competition to me ima callin it done


They talkin that twitter sh** well they can talk to my shooters
Said Im a wanna-be, do you wanna be in yo future?
I can call up my shooters and have em blow like a tuba
Put you to rest, you be laying next to JoJo and Tooka
I be posted on the six I got the tec with the cooler
Think you hot? When its hot, sh** will definitely cool ya boy
You send some shots, you gonna need you a mover
In the church, while your momma screamin out Hallelujah
p**y n***a a rat he belong in the sewer
And your b**h she a thot, for the squad she gon do it
Talkin like they want war, but when its war we aint losing

Call up Durk and 300, yall want a war then lets do it!

[Hook] x2

[Lil Durk]

(Lets get it, GANG. OTF 600 man, gang gang sh** man)

That BDK beef boy they say I started this sh**
He say he smokin Tooka I say put Lil Marc in that b**h
I just bought a new chopper I got KI all on my sh**
All the districts but 111th all on my dick
Im talking Bricksquad, Jaro, STL, young money and them
Scary site, No Fredo Im talkin bout Verney and them
You catch a Zeko, cept you catch em hollows again
Tryna catch me on IG p**y just follow me then
Free Rondo and Cdai nem, on 600 with Edai nem
n***as hollin FUBU gang like we aint beefing with them
I throw my sets up
Pop a flat, Im geekin again
P.O. cool as a fan, so I keep an FN

[Hook] x2

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