Emily Dickinson - Twas a long Partingā€”but the time (625)

Song Rating: 9.83/10

Song lyrics:

Twas a long Partingā€”but the time
For Interviewā€”had Comeā€”
Before the Judgment Seat of Godā€”
The lastā€”and second time

These Fleshless Lovers metā€”
A Heaven in a Gazeā€”
A Heaven of Heavensā€”the Privilege
Of one anothers Eyesā€”

No Lifetimeā€”on Themā€”
Appareled as the new
Unbornā€”except They had beheldā€”
Born infiniterā€”nowā€”

Was Bridalā€”eer like This?
A Paradiseā€”the Hostā€”
And Cherubimā€”and Seraphimā€”
The unobtrusive Guestā€”

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 18:02