Fabolous - The Plug

Song Rating: 8.51/10

Song lyrics:

{*woman speaking Spanish*}

She callin me Fablo, she think that Im Pablo (Esco)
She watch too much Narcos, she think Im the narco (lets go)
I buy til the bar close, I hit Neiman Marcus (blow that)
f** a Wells Fargo, its stacks in my cargos (you know that)
Griselda Blanco, she got the donk though (okay)
Whippin that foreign, like its the Bronco (okay)
Im on the highway, like I caught a body (woo!)
Me and compadre, smokin beats by Dre
Loud to the head (head) takin loud to the head (head)
First we count up the blessings (blessings) then we count up the bread (bread)
I can count on the squad (squad) I can count em like one two three (ay)
Everything gotta run through me (ay) you know Jefe the one to see, yeah
Dont you get comfortable n***a cause thats when they come for you n***a
Not here to comfort you n***a, lay you like comforter n***a, you know where I come from my n***a
I am from the iron jungle my n***a, I done seen the lions rumble my n***a
Listen up you Brian Gumbel a** n***as, Young OG is back to humble you n***as

[Chorus: Fabolous]
I got what you want, I know what you waaant (I know what you want)
I got what you need, I know what you neeeed (I know what you need)
I got what you like, I know what you liiike (I know what you like)
I got what you love, I am your plu-u-u-ug
She fell in love, she fell in lo-o-o-ove

She want the plug, she want the plu-u-u-g
She fell in love, she want the plu-u-u-ug
She fell in love, she want the plu-u-u-ug

She givin me besos, she feelin my dress code
I blame Ernesto, its your fault Ernesto
Took me to the West Coast, linked me with Nate Dogg
I gotta cook up now, aint no marinate dawg
Its no time to wait dawg, wait dawg, wait dawg
We done sellin weight dawg, weight dawg, weight dawg
If I fell away dawg, they feel a way dawg
They come with AKs dawg, like its Kuwait dawg
All we, know is, B.I.T.E., we a-ggressive, sharks
Dont you, ask us, nothin, f** a, question, mark
Flyest, n***a, in it, spit the, freshest, bars
This is, Narco, swag, call me, Freshco-bar


Leave me some head, she need a plu-u-u-ug
f**in me good, she need a plu-u-u-ug
Holdin me down, she be the plu-u-u-ug
Whatever I need, she be the plu-u-u-ug

{*woman speaking Spanish*}

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