GINIKA - So Gi Bu Chi

Song Rating: 8.33/10

Song lyrics:

Who has set prisoners free
Who has made the blind man see
Who has found the once lost sheep
Whose love is so deep

He has conquered sin and d**h
All for us to have the wealth
He had no riches on earth
He is king of all yet

So gi bu Chi
So gi bu Chi mo
So gi bu Chineke nna
Youre the one oh Lord

With you I am not afraid
With you Im strengthened by faith
Your love is my warm embrace

Thank you for you grace

That we may not be deceived
You sent the Holy Spirit
We are yours, from your roots we grow
You have given us hope


Chukwu kere uwa leeh, Chim oo
Onye kere igwe naala
Jehovah meeh, Jehovah meeh
Youre the one oh Lord....


echo: okaka eh, imaramma eh,
onye naememma eeeeh,
onye naagwuo oria leeh
ibu odogwu eh
onye naememma eeeh

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 00:27