Gunplay - Criminology Freestyle

Song Rating: 9.21/10

Song lyrics:

Shout out to the Chef!
Back on the streets of Bogotá
(B-o-g-o-t-a) (B-o-g-o-t-a)
Where life is worth 25 cent
(B-o-g-o-t-a) (B-o-g-o-t-a)
Thats one bullet
(B-o-g-o-t-a) (B-o-g-o-t-a)
Look here, Gunplay holla at them man

[Verse 1]
First of all dawg
Yeah its loaded, oh lawd
I can spot a s**er on sonar
Kush bud longer than the cones are
My real life realer than my songs are
White b**h booty flat slap bones on
These hoes pogo on my trojans
With my clothes on
Another molly and Im outta this ozone
Lights camera shows on
No miles on the odom, no, none
Bogota blizzard no cold front
Smoke some pour some snort some

She a good girl but I made her ho some
Watch a player play rollies on both arms
Watch meddelin form like voltron
Mink coat, get your poach on
Low life, get your roach on
Im a coach yall

[Verse 2]
Im a hero
Was a kid on skid row
Slid slow, drive by here it go
Push a n***a wig back to a year ago
When the tattoo teardrop way it go
Just look for the bloodstain, there it go
Where the birds? Where the parrot go?
My revolvers a merry-go
Increasing the odds of your burial over a stereo
Top dollar imperial cheerios
You a p**y n***a period
How a b**h a** n***a call another b**h-a** n***a
A b**h a** n***a? Silly really though
Rolling with snakes, skating with antidote
So much fish-scale sunk the whole bananaboat
If one get hit still Geronimo
Now who wanna swim down piranha row?

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 10:02