Jinkx Monsoon - A Hanukkah Moment (Interlude)

Song Rating: 8.69/10

Song lyrics:

[Queens Discussing]
Jinkx Monsoon: All right, everybody, its time to light the menorah. Quiet!
Jackie: Shh, shh, Jinkx has something to say, shes being cultural
Jinkx: This is my moment, okay, shut up!
Alaska: Girl... Take it easy...
Jinkx: Were gonna light the menorah, this is a- this is a very significant moment for the Hanukkah tradition
Manila: What is this queen talking about? Im gonna need some wine to get through this story
Jinkx: Because it signifies- its- its significant- its signifying of um- eh- eh, the festival of lights, you see. Where we had 8 days of light and um we were only supposed to have one. Its kind of like when you reach that last little glob of- of foundation in the bottle and you think theres no way Im gonna be able to cover my whole body
Jackie: *Snoring, then wakes up* Oh yeah, what? Im sorry did somebody say something?
Jinkx: In this tiny amount of foundation, and yet somehow it spreads and it spreads and it spreads, and- and by the end y-y-y-you-u-u-ure a clown again

Jackie: Anyway, I told her- Oh my God, Darienne, Jiggly, please do not sit on that, uh, China cabinet!
*China cabinet cracking*
Jackie: No, no, that is not reinforced
*Queens exclaiming in shock as the cabinet breaks*
Jackie: My collectibles!
Alaska: All your Precious Moments figurines!
Jackie: Oh, my men!
Alaska: Oh, no, your Wedgewood China! Oh, and there goes your Golden Girls commemorative plates!
Jackie: MY WHAT?! Please tell me Bea Arthur is okay!
Alaska: No, shes gone, but Betty White looks fine!
Jackie: Oh, God, who cares about Betty White! Oh, Bea! Oh, Bea! What am I gonna eat my cheesecake off of!

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