Joe Budden - OLS4

Song Rating: 8.21/10

Song lyrics:

Tell me how long are we suppose to act like this?
We wont neva get on track like this
How can I eva tell ya how I feel if ya react like this?
Ya call me ova here to talk not get attacked like this
Its funny
Got yo track shoes on but what ya runnin from
sh** I know where ya goin & where ya comin from
Thats immaturity showin, its just the baby in ya
One of the reasons why I neva put a baby in ya
Tired of hearin how yall neva trust me again
How ya luv me, then ya hate me, then ya luv me again
One minute Im yo soul-mate then its f** me again
Until ya get horny enough & wanna f** me again
But check it
I just wanna treat ya good & do betta
Ya think Im runnin around tryna be the hoods Hugh Heffner
Sayin Im all about hoes, when Im all about ya
Even when Im wit my hoes, I tell them all about ya
Say thats just one reason I keep losin ya
I dont understand it, that sh** is confusin 2
Ya left me, Im doin me, ya doin ya
So what the f** is me doin me have to do wit ya
How dare ya tell me its tougher fo ya ?
Like I dont hear about them n***as ya f**ing wit 2
I had neva knew ya thought like that
Who knew ya was into sports like that
Mo prayers cuz they all players
Ya out there havin a ball, playa
Ball player afta ball playa
I mean ya wit the ball players mo than ball players
Hope they aint f**in ya & makin ya they ball-player
Come to me, I just get a hard time
Why they give one to ya , is this what ya wanna do?
Wit me ya get an attitude, ya get all stuck up
Start callin me a f** up until I tell ya shut the f** up
But the part I dont respect is
Ya so cool wit erry otha one of yo exes
Its history between us, all aint right either
Back & forth domestic, call it fight feva
Be wantin ya close to me
Supposedly, ya say ya ova me
That just come across as a joke to me
Cuz ya aint got the luv that expires
Worst case, yall get tired
Tell yo friends Im a liar
Tried therapy when we felt it goin sour
Thats four hunid dollas erry hour
Fo him to come & mediate, referee, be our interpreter
Tell me I need to lower my voice, dont curse at her
Says shes only frustrated cuz I keep hurtin her
Tell me despite all that, he can tell that I worship her
Soon as ya let yo guard down, I get it up again
Fixin it is 2 much work, so I give up again

But I wanna spend the rest of my life wit ya
Make a wife wit ya , make it alright wit ya
But how are ya eva suppose to think that Im right fo ya
When all I eva do is treat ya like a recyclable
Disgraceful & ya want me to chase ya
But its easier fo me to replace ya
Cuz I see it like
If ya cant deal wit what we go thru
I got b**hes lined up, I got an ego 2
And to them Im errythin
Funny, Im great & Im charmin
But to ya Im alarmin, all I do is bring harm in
To ya , Im the cuz of all yo misery
Of course I disagree, ya goin off our history
All that arguin just aint my style
Cuz that anger now got us like strangers now
Ya tell me I should get help & Im sick in the head
Ya found make up on the sheets, I had a b**h in our bed
But wait, I aint luv her tho, I aint f** her tho
I could dead that b**h right now man, f** that ho
Ya just think Ill get anotha & anotha ho
Way ya talk to me its like I got a whole club of hoes
But I could switch gears, make them all disappear
Ya goin thru my phone like I got a b**h in there
We discussin chicks afta they thru
They dont matter to me, but fo sum reason they matter to ya
We keep havin the same threesome
But not kind of come as a blessin
Ya keep bringin up my last girl
Like she aint my past girl like ya aint the reason she present
Check it
Ya aint got to worry about me & her
If I wanted to be wit her I would be wit her
Yeah we hung together
Strip clubs had fun together
But thats done, dont sweat her
Ya the only one I wanna do a bid wit
Live wit, share my last name, have kids wit
Cant be understated errytime we eva ran witchyu
Ya compare me in yo head to sum n***a ya created
Im a long way from perfect, I got sh** wit me
Still I want ya to luv me unconditionally
9 years in, I dont deserve what ya givin me
Like ya get a victory by actin like a dick to me
Want me to see how it feels, I get the trickery
Lesson learned tho, ya my missin piece
Give anotha chance to yo ex
Ya dont pick up the phone, ya dont answer my texts
We aint give it all that we got
Still aint empty the clip, lets give it one mo shot
We can go ahead on our own
I need ya I cant do this alone
(But ya keep runnin away)

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 08:17