Jonathan Lee - 624

Song Rating: 7.49/10

Song lyrics:

[Filip Filipi]

The poem she wrote me, lay in 1000 pieces
Like her heart
The goddess of Venus
Mustve cursed the path which led me to you
And mother f** the moonlight which lit and confused you

Sleeping beauty, her lips drip honey
She can think love, but she dream money
God send signs sometimes only in glimpses

I wanna know what you think, quit running to your friends

Aqaurius, hilarious, square and she so flirty
Dont get attached, I be dead before 30
I hope to god he dont count your tears
It sang to my soul when you let me hear

All my ships have sailed and I cant swim
At the loniest dock and she came in
Her perfume was the scent of sin
But this way never ask what couldve been

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 10:35