Jonathan MP Williams - Meyer Lansky

Song Rating: 7.46/10

Song lyrics:

[Produced by Jonathan MP Williams, LORD FLACKO, V Don]

[Hook: Imogen Heap]
Do just what I tell you
Dont come in any closer
And no one will get hurt
Cause I dont know how long I can hold my heart in two

[Hook: Shyne x4]
Dark shades, Eazy E
Gangland, East Side, real bs

[Verse 1: Shyne]
Rick Owens, Martin Margielas
You wack rappers is dead, call the pallbearer
This is our era, double R letters
On the front of that ghost, now who want it the most?
Im smokin Montecristos on 300 foot boats
Supreme and Pappy Mason taught me how to cook coke
My connect, he from Belize, hell give you a good quote
We dont want no garbage, papi, we slittin your full throat
I move that white girl, [?]
Make them fiends come back, blood I put that on my momma
Sometimes I cant sleep, nightmares
Thinkin Ima be the k**er of my people but poverty is the evil
Poverty the reason that I go and slang that diesel
Leave you with no other choices, middle finger to the RICO
And corrupted politicians might as well go stick the needle
In the veins of a fiend, triple beam, nahmean?
With the blood clot, watch the blood talk
Shyne Po, son, miss me with that dumb talk
Aint no cartoons, only sketches when the guns drawn
Fred Hampton, Bunchy Carter when I let that pump off
Make the money pile, to the ceilin please
Cowards fall back, and let the leader lead

[Hook: Shyne]

[Bridge: Shyne x4]
This is my religion, gang land, hallelujah

[Hook: Shyne x4]

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
A real man can admit when hes wrong

Didnt see a vision, said it in a song
The Le Meurice, we had a meetin of the dons
Mind state was when the TEC was in his palm
Now its back to business, bygones be bygones
Another notch in this legacy we tie on
Cut from the same cloth, quick to let them thangs off
Leave your face numb like this kilo that I shave off
God! Imagine what Ive made off
Woo! No paper trail like Madoff
Been concentratin on my camp like Adolf
They wanna lock a n***a up and cut his braids off
Ha! I guess it comes with the territory
When every real n***a in the citys bettin on me
Real b**hes usin s** as a weapon on me
I see the reason why these rap [?] threatened, homie

[Bridge: Shyne x4]

[Hook: Shyne x4]

[Verse 3: Shyne]
Fresh up out the prison, where the welcome at?
Shyne Po, Mandela, Young Nelson back
We just say that I sell some crack as genocide
But thats a lie, we know the [?] that
Autobiographical, I sell em rap
I just talk about my life, I went to Hell and back
You could say that I sell some facts
Through the statutory limitations, Im careful what I tell in raps
Roll the window down, and let the semi fire
Its 1.5 on the skinny tire
See the big B all up on the backside
Yeah Im the big B, flag on my right side
I aint talkin bout it, hold that Bugatti talk
Close your mouth, son, listen, John Gotti talk
I can tell you bout this revolution lifestyle
[?] and [?], they servin triple lifetime
Gang rap mogul, used to be the shooter
I ran up out the club, red rag and a Ruger
Now I run New York like King Tut and Scooter
This is my religion, gang land, hallelujah
Moses Levi, bury my rivals
Make you creeps disappear like Durant in the Finals
Worship no idol, holy recital
Not guilty, your honor, right hand on the Bible

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