JT the Bigga Figga - Compton 2 Fillmoe

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Song lyrics:

[Hook: The Game + JT]
Compton to Fillmore here we go again
In the Bay, our chains hang, L.A. they cant bang
Compton to Fillmore here we go again
In L.A. they havin problems, the Bay we pop collars
Compton to Fillmore here we go again
In the Bay we pop hollows, L.A. they pop hollows
Compton to Fillmore here we go again
In the Bay we pop bottles, L.A. they pop bottles

[JT the Bigga Figga]
They cant cop what the bricksll cost
But we stay in the lane to maintain in the 6 to floss
Leather gloves with the tips to toss
But the money was made from conversation had to clip the boss
Smash down at the V.I.P
Street smarts is crucial for young n***as in the CX-3
Drop Jag with the price to pay
Cause the bags was heavy my chain swangin like a ice capade
Got the feds lookin twice this way
Cause we shuffle the Ps in different places that the {?} name
Compton to Fillmoe man the game is real
When you turn 15 get your stainless steel
Whole squad been trained to k**, we official
And switch to get rich now we after the meals
Hard times got cakes for 3
When its havin a bundle we break bread for the safe and flee n***a


[The Game]
I got guns, guns, guns, guns
Guns all over the club
We in V.I.P. strapped, security know that
25 deep, guns up under the throwback
That new R. Kelly sh** sound like Bobby Womack

Black Wall Street in HURR, n***a where the hoes at
We got sour diesel, three cases of Hypnotiq
And more guns than the Nickerson Projects
n***as dont want beef with me
Cause they know they gotta pay for talkin sh** but the sheets is free
And aint nuttin to shoot the club up
You dont want drama in this motherf**er throw them dubs up
Jacob got the wrists on chill
And N.W.A. chain glow like the memory of Ill Will
Relax your mind and let your drawers feel free
Youre now rollin to the sound of the Game and JT


[JT the Bigga Figga]
But you cant come with the rest of her friends
Cause you know Im a boss and wont play cause she short on my ends
Make rounds from the back of the Benz
With the {?} that kid with frog eyes with the corners to bend
The things we go through Im beatin ya brains
Got some homies next do and I picked up the Game
While they knockin on the do I get deep in ya dame
Gotta charge you a G just for speakin my name

[The Game]
Im not eatin your chocha or payin for the coach ma
Im a pimp like 50, the n***a to leave you broke ma
6 in the mornin, you stretchin on the sofa
Singin Aint No n***a like Foxy Brown and Hova
I f** em dogstyle with Billys and Novas
With or without chaffeurs, I make em f** the both of us
You know what it is, the gangsters back
And I keep my banger at where my chain hang at
Im ghetto

[Hook] - 2X

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