K-Mack - In Baltimore

Song Rating: 8.77/10

Song lyrics:


Real gun slingas
Where you at n***as?
Check it out yo
If you real wave yo hands in the muthaf**in air
All them blunts,hey yo hey yo hey yo yo...

[Verse 1:]

You want lyrics, well let the real n***as run it
Wack crews get confronted by the shorty thats blunted
Never fronted ,you aint built, im from the thorough school
You couldnt f** around if you had p**y in the whirlpool
Im swift with this ,i burn crews like hos with syphilis, i slam
Like doors in the face of jehovas witnesses ,pack the crome
Styles fly like mrs. Jones, lyrical mathematics where have the devil smoking stone, i put heads to bed lick shots and rapers
Fled, went to church a few times now nuns tryna give me head
K Mack and Ill shorty from the dough u best to tell em
Lyrics bustin yo brain style s**in your cerebellum
[who?] Some n***a named Kim from the firm, i probably have
To splat em, [b**h n***a], talking trash about Mack and dont know even matter, you aint real n***a so stop yelling
Hip hop,loaded up my Glock and welcome b**hes in the shot
The squad is there next, the cruddy kid is who i be, twistin up
Some sin seed that i coped from Mel & B, u n***as best to wake
The f** up u in the wrong direction, god you grew u couldnt
Lick it in my f**ing session

[Extended Verse 1:]

Thats how is going down
Check it outyo
Yo,ey yo

[Verse 2:]

One for the blunts that i smoke, two for all the liquor i drink
Makin your b**h crew stop to grip and think, the cruddiest
I got more reasons to feelin baley, the sickest squad cuz my
Crew is puffin trees daily, u best to go before the shorty gets
To clapin, u n***as actin, so eat a dick with your bullsh** rapin
Takin on your whole crew how ever you come huh, i stash dont give a f** where ever you from, i walk the streets
Anytime the cash got me cravin, collect my dough, feeling high soon as the Herb is blazin, hot metal i squeeze when i get heated, if my lyrics was drunk you punk p**ys still couldnt beat it Check for concrete tape styles that i be freakin, lyrics be Heatin got your melon leakin hardly speakin

[Extended Verse 2:]

Check it out n***as
Thats for my n***as
Check it out yo...

[Verse 3:]

I bring the rugged against the realness,K Mack will leave the mic scorching, rebel sk**s my raw style is worth a f**in fortion, rollin thick with my click some never heard of me
The click is Anex, wack crews headin for surgery, i clean my
Eyes blood shot red, when i be chillin got the gift to manifest
In your ears lyrics be spillin, i catch rat, tag my name on the
Wall, on stages, rhythm relax ? with elements and frases, n***as extend kid, my styles label blood sport, big up, to my n***as locked down holdin the love for me, im on the mission
Bringin drama to competition, takin flight, styles tight
Lyrics be sh**tin, when im done, back to herb sellin
With rhymes, im compellin leavin swellin on your melon
Packin guns, servin fiendz to get funz...?
Wack crews i eliminate, my styles mad ill, spark a elen poulet
And i remain tranquil in the feel, watch yo nugget
Word is on i got a full clip, your squad is bullsh**,you b**hes
Better forfeit, its 95, dont be surprised when we arive
Lyrics i kickin sh** mo bricks then ?
Ma** appeal, my styles too danger, for a herb to fit
Im sendin rappers on a journey that is permanent
So tell me if you feel this,cap, when i peel this,back to the lab
Cuz you aint ready for the realness

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 13:56