King 810 - Desperate Lovers

Song Rating: 8.32/10

Song lyrics:

I used to run to you but were through
I used to lean on you but were through
Today Im going away
Cause I needed something from you
That sh** youre ashamed of
Thats sick and disgusting
Your pride wouldnt let it get by
And love is not enough
Its over, and so am I
I need your blood and guts
Give me your blood motherf**er
I want you
All of you
Like were two
Oh, desperate lovers
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But were through
I used to pray for you but were through

My half, my better half
The half that knows nothing of ethic or moral stance
Incestuous touching, aint something shes afraid to dream
Were neither judged nor judging, were free
Like you wish you could be
I only need one thing
(Let it out)
They try to find holes in my story
And I just point to holes in my body
Holes that tell the tales of knifes wounds and gun wounds
The struggle and suffering and murder and robbery
Theres no scars on that body, theres no cuts
Theres no story worth telling all of us
Theres no soul in that body, theres no trust
Theres only one thing inside you
Only blood
(Let it out)
I used to bleed for you but were through
I used to k** for you but were through
I used to f** for you but were through
But were through

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 17:23