Leetstreet Boys - Shes So Kawaii

Song Rating: 7.42/10

Song lyrics:

Met her at Gamestop Hello Kitty tanktop
Bunny ears and pink hair fawning over Zack Fair
Shooting Duck Hunt lolita and steampunk
Says she likes to RP always rolls a 20
Gravitation The organization
Miyazaki movies Hare hare yukai
So I wish she would make me her bishie
Im loveless til that day Emo like Sasuke
Shes so kawaii so I try so hard to make her squee
Shes so kawaii cant deny shes the one for me
Shes so kawaii in her eyes I see my destiny
Why wont she wake up and notice me Sou desu ne

Shes on Gaia her name is Aiya
Cosplay model photos chibi Miyamotos
Writing fanfic planning her Japan trip
Ramen and Pocky Ramune and Sake
She smashes at brawl gotta catch em all
Happy hardcore tearing up the dance floor
Shell crush me like her favorite plushie
How long waiting like this her Paradise Kiss
Since she stepped in my life nothing has been the same
I wonder if she even knows my name
She says she hates Twilight Edward Cullen is lame
She sparkles as she makes me lose the game

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 04:41