Lil Gin - Demons In My Soul

Song Rating: 8.44/10

Song lyrics:

[Unfinished Lyrics]

DJ Paul in this mothaf**a
With my n***a Lil Gin, the Serpents Stepson
Dont forget to be on the look-out for the new Three-6 Mafia album, Mystic Stylez
Its gonna be onnn, biatch..

[Verse 1: 211]
Rollin bowls in the tables[?]
Honeycomb dip[?]
I reach into my glove compartment for that duel clip
Yalk on my left, one hand on that point...grain[?]
Ballin ...ize[?], steady floatin in the rain
Punchin up seven digits on the Motorola
As I continue sippin on Remy Martin and soda
This n***as crossed me out, now this gats finna get pulled[?]
I catch this loser, pull up on his a**, big gold grill
Jumpin out, lookin serious, lookin for that trick
And If I find his a**, I got a ditch for that punk b**h
Its been a while since my gauge been crunkin bodies in the trunk
And mothaf**as bounce, smellin like a skunk
There that n***a go, I heard you runnin yo cocks**a
He reached, and I burned em leavin chest wounds, you stupid f**, yea
Your blood is spilled, I thought you knew I was jackin home
Numerous slams behind the trigga, b**h, screamin demons in my soul..

s**ah keep on pullin that knife up on me, ah POM POM!
Gonna shoot that s**ah dead with da gun, so POM POM!
(yeah rigghhtt~)
Stupid a** dope-fiend with da Yoga-Tun[?], so POM POM!

[?]..dirty a** want to play me dumb[?], so POM POM!
Cause we..

[Verse 2: Kingpin Skinny Pimp]
Rollin through my hood, with the ...[?]crop top-drop
Chiefin a quarter pound of pot
In my lap with the Glock cocked
For the n***as, who disrespect
Pimpin they continue, they sweat me
For the dumb sh**
Now I gotta pop a b**h
Laws know Im dirty, though
Snitches droppin off info
I got the two keys, plus a gat
Fillin up out[?] my 5.O
Runnin down tha ride of breath[?]
To the Dope House on the prairie
Jumped into some ...[?] oes
Tempted[?] from the scenery
Even though they pulled my car, I report it stolen first
Then they trace my phone call, situations gettin worse
Sirens comin from the South, the East, and the West
Now its best to fade to the North, Memphis
Where the n***as just
Love to bust a hot one in a crooked coppas f**in face
f** Rodney King, he sprayed a mace
b**h, I sprayed a gauge
Before Im locked up, let the mortuary keep me cold
Never considered me cool
My enemy feared me, serpents in my soul..


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 05:16