Lil Infected - 93 Premium

Song Rating: 7.76/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Lil Infected]
Got a blunt
Pop a trunk
Fill it with a f** boy
b**h boy spilling his guts
Stomach acid mixed with blood staining my all white white-laced SB Dunks
Cop a couple bucks out his back pocket
Wallet got to have something
Otherwise i got to snatch something
So I pulled out his heart from his chest
Left the rest for b**h and the left them
I ditched for the seventh
f** a motherf**er ducking
Tucking in his tail
I got a bone to pick with motherf**ers trying to see me fail
Creeping like a vulture b**h im following his trail
Picking at his bones for flesh
Leave the flies with the rest
Leave his body growing pale
Close his mouth with nails
Dead men tell no tales

[Verse 2: Lil Famine]
Yung jack torrance with some bodies in the storage
Lil broke mother f**er with enough to pay the mortgage
Got that torture in my barrel

Them ghost inhibit my mind
Its that $uicidal junkie
Young Scorcese of my time
Im creeping with 5 9 in the over look hotel
Taking one look at us you can tell we come from hell
Im smoking and chanting spells
Packing a couple bells
Popping waves back to back
Im always riding the swell

[Verse 3: Black Smurf]
With all these d** in my system
Be hard to keep my attention
The narrow [?]
I see no one but these fingers
The rinsed clues in existence
The only reason Im itching
Itching to change all my [?]
Without me switching emission
Or making millions
Intention to get it quicker and stricter
‘bout getting money not flexin
Then get some b**hes start flexin
And snatch a ring just for fun
til I strike them digits and add it to ya
Youd be wishing that you wouldve f**ing listened
Wish you listened to me

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 00:38