Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz - Sn Yo Fingers

Song Rating: 9.70/10

Song lyrics:

wats happenin hey this ya boy lil jon lil jon i be a mean click wats up foty
wats up Sean paul mean click ladies and gentalmen it about thattime
turn this thang on out let me see erbody do dis


snap ya fingers do ya step you cn do it all by yo self let me see ya do it ayyyyy let me see ya do it ayyyyy
repeat x2

snap yo fangas then ya roc wit you can do it do it do it dont drop wit it do a step wit put yo hips wit
all ma ladies let ma see ya do a twist wit it
you cant do it like me im by myself
i do it so good i dont need nobody else
wats happanin wats up got dat purp fired up
wats happanin wats up got dat drone inmy cup
i pop ipop i drank i drank i goin wit dro and verse tha damn thang i wit lo to da flo
dont no how da hell im gettin hos ay


e 40

dats rite from da back posted inthe act im bout to clock wat do i say
drankin on some rus nit of patrol vip stack

thas rite wit chrome look around da club what do i say
erbody rocin from side to side to da beat
snapin they figers groovin to da tune all by dey self thas the new move
n***a whre im from we like ta do dat trowin up the stacks
shaty wit a colla colladoin it to
do wat ya do like the way doin at players atclub mo sh** happinen ican do dat sh** to


sen paul

chillin in da bip ya we gettin crunk n***as poppin bottles and b**hes gettin drunk
rollin up da goods put em in da air rollin up da ease and let em no we in here
brand new soe brand new cool feelin old skool cau we feelin real cool
ya from the a so we lean ad we roc
rechin fo my clock b**h so i lean an roc b**h
snap ya fingas shaty gotta turn ya neck smokin on da best we dont f** wit da mess i bet ya cnt do it do it do it like es
ya im bac to tha track bac to tha snap 123 shaty gotta lean bac this hawe do it
in da A town and if ya aint no this how it goes down b**h


ay ay we crunk

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 13:23