Ljones - Raging Bull Vs

Song Rating: 8.27/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse: FlyGenyus ]

The funniest n***a in the group with all the jokes, I do the pokes
Doing strokes tryna engineer for my son Im Marcus Stokes
Never balled in Malibu but Im dreaming on that flight
My mind is the Firebird Trans Am so that make me Michael Knight

Cruise controlin dodgin writers block skatin thru these lines
With every slash I cut the curves without gettin fined...
I write my best sh** when its 4am
No d** or liquor I aint even gotta go & pretend

To be the hardest muahf**a while Im grippin this pen
I tell the B-More b**hes No Moreee I give em Ruff Endz...
We cant even kick it after gettin cutty man
I hear these n***as catch feelins like I cant serve em wit the toasters

They need to save their pop tart raps & cool inna holster
Im over, I gotta vision of a Jet Setter
Not biting Diggy even though my claws pluck feathers
I know right from wrong but people wanna test me

See me doing right making goals like Gretzky
Females put me in friend zones but wanna have s** wit me
All cuz they heard that Im on the rise, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes
Leaping out the trays a lil flew down on the fabric

Of your shirt, just to let u a lil piece of me is tryna be attached to u
This right here aint rap honestly this is rhythm & blues

My whole tape is Neo Soul, Jazz wit some Country too
Im giving u my pain!

The pressure from peers, the loving from friends, my psychotic mind
A hopeless ro-mantic n***a in his life with no crime
All these n***as lookin stable like a 3legged table
People love speaking fables...

They never move Cane to Able
S.L.R is my specialty u rest in peace
Me dumbin down my words is sorta like the d**h of me
RapGenius cant decode so I guess Im just missing links...

A n***a going Ape sh**
I been the realest since my mother spit me out the womb
Danger for these mice I got Metal Fingers like MF DOOM
Kickin in the door with the spray yeah, this is a Raid

To u roaches that approaches wave a flag or get toasted
Toasted like the oats leave u soggy just gasping for air
Then make u punch in words like Stephen Hawking in the wheelchair...
Uh, a lil Too Deep for the Intro

L.I.B. n***a make this rap sh** simple
Carry 973 in my lil backpack
Im waiting for the day that they say I brought the East Coast back
Yeah, then I add a lil room just for Staten in my backpack
Waiting for the day that they say I brought the East Coast back
Waiting for the day that they say I brought the

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