Marty mard - Blue Nile

Song Rating: 7.34/10

Song lyrics:

Got gods rhytm I should be rappin in pastors clothes
Got god with em Im like Jesus how I pa** the rolls
Dats bread but this could neva be our last supper
You gone k** me then Blast s**a
I hate a leach a bunch of blood s**as
Man these hoes betta get da f** from round me
Swear to god dat you could neva clown me
I been dat n***a since a n***a hopped off the porch
They Locked B.G. but ima carry the torch
They ask me if Im ready an I b like b**h off course
If a n***a out his lane I knock dat b**h off course
Man my team so f**in big we ca run full court
And I keep pickin up the green cause I got problems to sort
I cant leave it DOWN for LONG cause I might come UP SHORT
An I be comin off the dome because thoughts is clever
An I just bought my own home so n***a what dat tell ya
Ima Bayou Baller boy I be ballin till da sun drop
Then I get up an go an get it cause da money hot
An my pockets screamin so I gotta touch another penny
And I got a white b**h she drive my car I call her Jenny
But ion run from jenny boy I aint Forrest Gump
Ima keep on rappin till da muthaf**in chrous come
If it dont I wont complain
Patent Leather Kiss da rain
Watch it roll not a stain
Fresher than the dope mane
In the city the inner city got hella choppas
If u aint strapped you betta tell ya doctor
Watch what you say or get a teleprompter
I bet this shell ah prompt ya
My main b**h on dat michelle obama
I k** ha p**y Obama did osama
Ima rhymer with ah attitude
Neva met ah badder dude
Hold a n***a out da window like a bag of food at a drive through

Boy im so fly I got a f**in birds eye view
Goin so fast I gotta f**in swerve by you
Add a bayou to the baller and ya get Marty
Ya b**h scream ma name cause she like being naughty
She came then I came cause I like being tardy
Na dats all me she tell me dats all me
I put my dick up in her p**y then I tella skull me
Bayou Baller n***a who the f** ca guard me
Have my money n***a RC
My goons down ta ride ima need RV
You gone need ah IV
Man I Blue like Ivy
Let the money Guide me im somewhere where the sky B
An I b at all these hoes neck like a tie b
My spanish girl want dick u know I be like aqui
An dats here these n***as do the sh** I did last year
Them n***as lame they wont last here
They all the same they wont past here
The dummies crash here
My words register n***a im the cashier
I count money like the cashier
An all ma hoes know they betta bring the cash here
She say her boyfriend a tad queer she want a ill n***a
Well Im sicker than the kicks on ma feet
And the words dat I say when I spit on the beat
And i shine like the sh** on my teeth dats gold
New Orleans n***a aint sh** Im cold
My name just floodin through the streets like WHOA WHOA WHOA
After Katrina im ridin down canal in a beamer
Same clothes from yesterday but still a n***a cleaner
Than any n***a have u eva even seen ah
Icon in real life well you have now
This is ah new stlye Im goin 2 miles
I pull the whip around the Blue Nile
So all my hater ca see dat a n***a Blew Now! yeah

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 18:55