MF DOOM - Mince Meat

Song Rating: 7.64/10

Song lyrics:

[MF Doom]
The Villain aint rhymin off bread alone
Let him get some cognac, a mic and a headphone
Smoke and mirrors, caught her in the mix
Couldnt read the shorthand for mortars and bricks
If any negative thought linger he let it vent
Wrote this one with his middle finger in wet cement
... Did it on the sly
Before hes gone bye bye, spit it on the fly
Brush your teeth, rinse and gargle
A true nerd who messed with new words since Boggle
... And used slang in Scrabble
Rhymed with a Northern drawl, twang and babble
Flossy pen jargon to break the world record
Do a Faustian bargain and tape the girl naked
... More spots than a leopard
Then he had to stop, the block was hot peppered
Shepherd, leading the sheeps out to slaughter
Kept it, sold and repped it, everytime he saw ya
Tryin to douse a pinch of weed in a frat street house

[Cartoon] (MF Doom)
Ill make mince meat out of that (beat) mouse!

[MF Doom]
Welcome to the show
Remember whatever you do, do not boo the flow
Schooled the dumb on the number one rule of thumb
What a fool; still you never met a cooler bum
Give the drummer some rum, Im sure he could use a shot
Just to get his cues hot, ensure he dont lose his spot
A stranger who speaks to you vocal
Danger made the beat, get a freak to do the bogle
No bull, everything he wanted they grabbed and took
Whole lab looked like an ill left jab and hook
Even had a secretary to take the calls

Shake it and make it fall, I told her dont break my balls
Wherever Mouse go, trouble follows
The bounty on this pro was mills and double dollars
Vil spilled muddled flows that befuddled scholars
Thick Buffalo girl with the bubble hollars
She rocked leather and gold, a fat blouse
And need a brother with soul to let her cat out
Even if the rat couldnt compete with Kraus

[Cartoon] (MF Doom)
Ill make mince meat out of that (beat) mouse!

[MF Doom]
Tap ya toe, grime and strapped for dough
Rap for show, to let the whippersnappers know
s**s to be them, now pa** that loot
Up under the tux he wore a hazmat suit
Sounded like froggy, sip the groggiest of potions
Be up in the party with the foggiest of notions
On the list of lobbyists who save the oceans
Gave his donation to the lady with the lotions
Swoll hand itchin, the old man b**hin
Switchin with the fan with the gold band twitchin
Spittin like a bionic sneeze that freeze vodka
Just to clear the air like the Ionic Breeze Quadra
Sleek enough to outsly a fox
For a chicken pot pie, thinkin outside the box
Would love to taste her goody
But got no time to be wastin chasin putty
Out for Daffy Duck bucks, Porky Pig paper
Bugs Bunny money or Sylvester Cat caper
Off a DAT tape of rap, country or deep house

[Cartoon] (MF Doom)
Ill make mince meat out of that (beat) mouse!

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