Milford - Greasers

Song Rating: 8.78/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Kid Seuss]
Seuss and K, man we right back at it
Couldnt stay away like a god damn addict
Workin so much its becomin automatic
Got me feelin like Im Nas when he dropped Illmatic

Motherf**ers know we spittin crazy sh**
Motherf**ers know we makin crazy hits
Motherf**ers know we gettin crazy lit
And all these motherf**ers know we on that hazy sh**

[Verse 2: KMC]
I wanna speed it up, spit it up, roll another Swisher up
All I really think about is makin sure Im in the cut
Me and all my n***as aint the ones to really go and front
Ante up, every day a party when you roll with us

Do not give a f** about a hater and a critic
If it wasnt for you n***as, n***a, I wouldnt be in it
New kids on the new block
With a different tune and a greaser bop

[Verse 3: Kid Seuss]
Old school, but aint no greasers
Out here makin moves while your a** in the bleachers
Beggin for a verse, b**h, no free features
Misfit in the beehive, never listened to the preachers

Like I ever really gave a f**
Talkin sh** wont slow us up, cant keep us from blowin up
Stayin in the clouds with all these f**in trees we rollin up
Faded with the homies, sh** I swear Im never growin up

[Verse 4: KMC}
We are so dope with the Hooligan madness
Going so hard we be breaking them Magnums
Out of this planet, check out the status
We be the n***as thats picking up slackness

What it do baby boo, on a different level
Check your schedule cause your girly wanna kick it with a rebel
Oh my goodness, we fresh as f**
We the realest n***as, other n***as cant one up


[Verse 5: Kid Seuss]
Ears still ringin from these b**hes screamin at my shows
Cant go out in public cause Im gettin mobbed by these hoes
Your girl come to see me and she leave your a** at home
Give you three guesses why she isnt pickin up her phone

Said I f**ed your b**h, I mean it, she call me and I just screen it
She just tryna get the d but thats too bad cause b**h Im leanin
Actin like she Ke$ha, sleazy, feelin like a god, Im Yeezy
Safe to say her favorite rappers no longer G-Eazy

[Verse 6: KMC]
n***a we the come up, what it is doe
Get it up, 801 style on the real flow
Locally known up on the track as a nympho
All these other rappers tryna get in with the ins though

Take a look up on my window
Got your girl on my pillow, tryna get it in doe
Introduce her to the intro
She aint wanna leave know, all she tryna do is hit mo

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