Montana Of 300 - I Dont Like FGEmix

Song Rating: 9.77/10

Song lyrics:

This right here that real rap
This beat Im a k** that
My pockets uncle Phil fat
2 gun cases Im still strapped
Yehhhh its Montana yeh Im the one your b**h like
Im your b**h type n***a you that b**h type
You wanna go to war you must hate your life life
And all that money dont makes sh** f** em take your life
New world harder I wear heat like the slodder
Got gunz inside of your daughter dont f** around or get slaughtered
You n***as say you want beefing I got that murda sh** for ya
Thug 2 gun cases last year in got christmas all with my lawyerr
b**h I ball like a hoya
Go get brains Im the toyer
Than gos like dick in there sister
I tapp that b**h like a butcher
All of my n***as is pushers
We f**ing paid like a hooker
You wanna play with a gangster
You better be Ashton Kutcher
This is more than that rappin
This is how this sh** happened
Round of applause with them choppers
Me and my partners be clappin
All of my n***as is eating
Like Tally pa** me a muffin
I swear this n***as are actin Samual Jackson
I can like stay bout that action
I turn that a** to a fraction
If n***as asking Im whacking
It aint no day that Im lackin
So way day b**h Im packin
While I hussle and sackin
That ratchets under my jackets for n***as think about jacking
I just up with them popping cop this the day that Im coppin
Well n***a sh** try to nack it that b**h blast off like a rocket
And b**h I promise I dont play with ya we are not the same n***a
You aint in my lane n***a Ive never been no lame n***a
No this is not a game n***a I come there where you stay n***a

Like knock knock whos there its mister let that 40 bang n***a
Blow out your f**ing brains n***a men system who hang with ya
God knows it is aint sh** for me I do this as the same n***a
Your sweet as a kiwi Im 300 no BD
Got plans around the ocean
Yo son sh** like a TV
No n***a u dont wanna see me
Hop out that whip like a genie
Spray yo a** like graffiti and put that on my next CD
My Cali Kobe loaded lux so n***a u gon get this work
I can swag I can surf when I blast u get murked put his a** in the dirt and not a sag on a shirt
Thats no joke he got smoked like a bag of this purp
Its FGE and they south they know Im flyer than em
U would think its sweet if u want it come on and try it n***a
Your not a rider them pradas dont come with tires n***a
I put that heat to yo head head yea Id blow dry a n***a
Im Freddy Krueger mixed up with sum Michael myers n***a
Jeepers creepers and Jason yes Im the flyest k**er
And I could back up allat sh** that I talk
Boy I been fly so long I forgot what it felt like to walk
And I got stupid swag, I bet u hate mine
Yo girl all on my dick uh-huh she wanna taste mine
I get my Gucci belt that b**h dont waste time
Im on my iPhone getting head... facetime
I decided I aint have to let the nine pop
Murder up put the beat in the pie box
And as long as Im living Im a keep k**ing sh** when I spit so never will crime stop
They say Im hot but Im colder than a bon pop
Watch froze u would think I made time stop
Chain swinging like Im playing for the white Sox
Came with the strap like a fresh pair of high tops
Whip fly like Im sitting in the skybox
Got eyes wide open like an eye drop
See Im hoping u n***as like a vydox
U n***as couldnt be fly if the sky drop
Watching kids cause the b**hes sitting on my cock
Better keep an eye on her like a cyclops
Cause if u dont then she coming back to my spot
And Im a f** her like u never could, why not

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 23:15