Planet Asia - d**h Frees Every Soul

Song Rating: 8.11/10

Song lyrics:

Our skin and blood, the iron bars of confinement
But fear not. All flesh decays
d**h turns all to ash
And thus, d**h Frees Every Soul.

[Planet Asia]
My body is a Bentley
My soul is God meaning you rolling wit Allah if you riding wit me
The mystery is d**h to most
When n***as get clapped and come back believing in ghosts
Some n***as come back and dont remember sh** except the incident
Some n***as come back and turn religious
They say the flesh is a just a vessel for the spirit
And the brain is antenna to teleport thoughts to ya vision
But in the mean time we living
The criminal life until they gas us in prison
Back to ether, ashes and urns
Now you just a container of dirt sitting on the speaker
Or somewhere in the Ocean scattered
I was taught heaven or hell was understanding Mind Over Matter
So whats the meaning of d**h? Nothingness
Most ask by the 85 are like the 25th alphabet
RIP, sent to your doorstep
We miss you very much but your soul is free

From all the pain and the suffering we all must share
So save a spot for the family till we all upstairs


[Sick Jacken]
My body is a six deuce
My soul is old like a cla**ic from all the sh** Ive been thru
My conscious is infinite tho
Now I know so Im taking it slow
Im 732-to-life and its taking its toll
Secure my bloodline wit seven seeds
And I put my stories in palm scrolls to bone and skulls
Is all thats left, Im shine d**h
I came close but I guess it wasnt time yet
And I wander thru the ages like this
Believing life is a hell and my d**h would be bliss
While religion promises a heaven
I enjoy what I have now wit no guilt cuz thats what Im giving
Ashes to ash trays and dust smash brains
Im just a lost soul navigating path ways
I gotta get it right cuz were in the last days
Soon well meet d**h, the mysteries of black age


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 08:11