Remedy - Cure for This

Song Rating: 7.21/10

Song lyrics:

(feat. Sweetleaf)

[Intro: Sweetleaf]
Oh, give it to me
Oh, give it to me (Ive got to have it)

[Chorus: Sweetleaf]
If theres a cure for this, baby I want it, want it
If theres a remedy, baby I need it, got to have it

This is a story brought before me, from the wise and the old
Take it down from the past, before ya eyes to unfold
Now I took this, crafted it and made it the mold
For all those rainy nights, left out in the cold
Yeah, the rat race, movin at a nine-to-five pace
A life story based on paper chase
Whats goin on? Somethings wrong in the world that we live
But if we hold on long enough it gotta give
How many times must history repeat in itself
Face defeat, mankind, be beat by himself
Generations done pa**ed son, look at the last one
Theres no more legends in the making, ask one
Man, money, then power, s**, rock and d**
Economics, politics and thugs
I said, man, money and power, s**, rap and d**
Anxiety, society f**s

Ive got it have it...

[Chorus x2]

Unspoken words only heard from behind the closed door
Politicians hide themselves away, but started the war
Watch the day go out in fight, they leave that up to the poor (Give it to me)
And if you got another minute, I can tell you some more
Aiyo, never judge a book by its cover, never cheat on ya lover

Never rob, never steal, love thy brother (Give me a remedy)
Never count ya money, always count ya blessings (Yeah-yay)
Never say never, always learn ya lessons
In the land once filled wit mad milk and honey (Uh-huh, give it to me)
What a man wouldnt do just for the taste of money (Yay)
What a woman wouldnt do for the touch of a man (Giev it to me)
Its those feelings deep inside of you, you dont understand
Lookin for ya self, but you lost from within
Forever blinded by the night, like Hollywood glimpse
Yo, you tempted by the lust, thats the ultimate sin
Pealin back, crawlin outta ya skin, let me in

Ive got to have it...

[Chorus x2]

If theres a cure for this...

Let me inject you, Rx, stress, Remedy, relief elixir

If theres a remedy... give it to me

Let me infect you, certified cause
And effect ya mixer

[Outro: Sweetleaf]
If theres a cure for this... give it to me
Just give a Remedy, if theres a Remedy, yeah
Ive got to have it
If theres a cure for this, baby I want it
Just give me a Remedy
If theres a Remedy, baby I need it
For this... come on now, and give it to me
I need it, hey hey, oh, give it to me

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 06:21