RJ Pasin - A New Today (Destiny Calling II)

Song Rating: 8.81/10

Song lyrics:

All this time, Ive just been
Incohesive and inconfident
About finding my place in this earth

But I open the door thats been
In front of me since I gave sin
To the one who took the blame

And it seems
And it seems

I can hear the bells ringing
As freedom begins to yell at me
Singing, destiny
Screaming, Anthony

This one book has it all
Read and apply once and for all
Let your mind be blown away at his awesomeness

And this journey, a battlefield
Im warrior, will never yield
As my own story unfolds before my mind

And it reads
And it reads


And Ill sing a new today


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 11:30