Soulja Slim - U Hear Dat

Song Rating: 7.31/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro - 2x]
Murder murder, murder murder
Mo murder murder
Murder murder, murder murder
Mo murder murder
Ima pop him, Ima pop him uh-huh
Ima pop him, Ima pop him

[Hook - 2x]
You heard that...uh yeah
f** I look like wearing a toe tag, up in a body bag
My gun my bullets, my thirty round clip
Im never leaving home without it, I dont slip

[Soulja Slim]
Ok Im someing serious, Im so serious from you not knowing
Ill cut your throat till the meat showing, motherf** a rap
I hustle rap, like four or five birds of smack
Bag up in ounces half ounces, quarters and sh** like that
You get the drift, Im grown up you can take a sniff
Dont get in your whip, Ill make you hurl up in your sh**
I was that flooded bag, that that lil boy had
Went out like a soldier, O.D.d with his soldier rag
You better believe, uptown n***as sold him that
Im someing serious I told him that, when I first started
Now you dearly departed, still I remain raw
In reality, I chop bags up with my chainsaw
Im rapping for a reason, God gave me this gift
And made to where a n***a cant f** with me, running real sh**

One shot for fifty cents, she brought it back to the street
Now its all on me, to get me right now in this industry
I aint no friend of P, dont ask me bout that boy
He aint no man, you think Im lying then ask Pastor Troy
I pa** the toy, and let my lil dogs get the murder charge
They feel like he played me, so they gon bring the f**ing noise
I rap bout fifty bars, motherf** a chorus
I can do this, Im one of the world official flowists
Magnolia Projects, is the spot where I was praised at
Got love for Mac-90s, 223s and Ks and
Automatic handguns, reveolvers I had some
Booted my last one, I bagged em and toe tagged em
Its a reunion, all my real n***as home from the penn
If I start naming these k**ers, theyll get up under your skin
Give em the game, tell em it aint like back in the days
If you aint pushing Escalades, out chea trying to get paid
Well be ya beat, I remember when we was on that skeet
Now its years later like a mof**er, 2003

Yeah, KLC I been f**ing with ya for a long time n***a
Ya understand Im saying, a long time partna
I came in the game f**ing with ya, ya dig (fa sho n***a)
But I wanna know what the f** you using for the high heads (this 22 gun shots)
What you using for the snout, (nine milli buck shots)
Well whats with the kick, (twelve gauge)
What that is for the open high heads, (45 cocked)
And the ba**, (twelve gauge one) yeah

[Hook - 2x]

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