Spose - Gobble A Dank

Song Rating: 7.57/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah Spose

Everytime Spose and a beat colesce it is no less than sick nasty grotesque
Disgusting rhyme-busting twenty-something
Dude who gets booty like a pirate chest
So gobble a dank if you dont like him
Cause lyrically he rape a beat like a viking
Flow so honed, hot as your blood
Cool as snow cones, what its all good
Quite suburban hes not at all hood
Not country just the woods so f** Keith Urban
Ive wrapped tight and over your head
Like a turban since you nerds left turds in the bed
Im absurd with words emerged in burned threads

We need more beats

Like a phoenix from the art of emceeing left dead
My friends jock dreads and play d**h metal
In Maine where they mount fox heads from the meadow on the wall
Im off the wall, Michael Jackson
Maxing at Federal Jacks with something attractive
Im a cactus with this rap sh** (Spose)
Never resort to wack tactics (no)
Jaw-dropped reactions when Im rapping (so)
Fly its making me high like Toni Braxton
Mr. Spizzy is now teaching cla**es
So throw away all your busy-work packets
Decidedly un-ghetto rhyme fello
Who listens to Sublime from time-to-time
Hello its Spizzle
Theyre miserable I exist
Theyre pissed but this rhyming mindless drivel cant persist
My flows A-list, your flow is gayness
I think you get the gist so liten up kids
Ill be at 15 chester, weed on the dresser
Im clever but slept on like lunesta

Who in the f** is this dashing boy?
Who raps religiously like Pastor Troy?
Spizzy Spose is fly like asteroids?
Lyrically hes pa**ed your boys
But wheres he from? Wells, Maine
Got a lot of dollars in my wallet nah im broke
Not a baller marijuana is the product i promote
I hope people see im ghoulish in the face
So, they understand when Im caught staring into space
Fly like McLaren, high like a parrot
Coughing so hard looking like im in hysterics
Known amongst Jareds and Dereks as the rarest
Rapper staring at your weed asking you to share it
Like Napster, Mainers jock tractors
Hold up... Rest in peace Ol Dirty Bastard
Ol Dirty Curtis came back from the grave
Pussies got AIDs, walking like zombies
Broken Motorolla roll of quarters for the laundry
Smoked up sitting there looking like Ghandi
Stiky-1 leather jacket looking like Fonzi
Deep in thought, creeping like the cops
Heineken bottle pops and no models give me props
Rarely touch supple couple cupped tittied city sluts
Keep it York County, what up townies
Lifted all the time like Canadian mounties
Gobble a dank, baby, Spizzy Spose if you need him and if you dont
Preposterously Dank
Wells, Maine
In pussies like gyno
Old school like dino with the rhyme flow
Its all good
What it does
Sorry to beat ya rappers
Meet me at the Wells House of Pizza after
Preposterously dank the album, We smoked it All mixtapes 1 through 649 coming soon
Spizzy Spose
Keep it bimpin

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 17:16