Superwog - Rap Battle

Song Rating: 9.57/10

Song lyrics:

Nathan Saidden: Yo, I heard yall have a hip hop scene Down Under.

Theodore Saidden: Yeah, its alright, we do.

Nathan Saidden: Psst, you guys cant rap.

Theodore Saidden: What? Yes we can. You cant diet. Youre fat.

Nathan Saidden: This is one-hundred percent American all natural muscle.

Theodore Saidden: A hundred percent America steroids. Youre a cheater, just like Lance.

Nathan Saidden: Yo, dont talk about Lance like that, man. Dont talk about Lance like that.

Theodore Saidden: Woah, do you want to battle?

Nathan Saidden: Lets battle.

Theodore Saidden: Alright, lets battle.

Nathan Saidden: Lets battle.

Theodore Saidden: Youre finished.

Nathan Saidden:
USA: The motherland of hip hop
You be the first to run when sh** drop
The original gangsters, we be true
You cant win because fakes always lose
Home to Biggie and Tupac, the masters of rap
Yall cats rap like you got no ball sack
Thats right, I be ripping your sh**, uh
Everything you spit sounds like you s**ing a dick
Tell me one Aussie rapper that be hitting it big
Or one Aussie rapper spitting sh** like Eminem did
Step up fool and prepare to get clapped
Because were the past, present and the future of rap

Theodore Saidden:
I be rapping attacking you with every line that I write
Im winning on the mike like Im winning in fights
You havent even been real since Tupac died
Australian rappers only ones keeping hip hop alive
What you got? Lil Wayne, Akon and T.I.
360, Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso, alright
If youre so gangster that you make people shiver

Then why did Ludacris do a song with Justin Bieber?
Youre packing and wrapping up rap songs so you can sell them
And your rappers are lacking and fake sh** is what you tell them
Hip hop is only real when people feel it
Yeah, you created it but then you k**ed it

Nathan Saidden:
Like, right, fight and mic
No matter what you say, it always seems to rhyme with like
Never even heard of your so-called rappers
But I bet they actin real bad with their tough Aussie accents
You phonies are faggots, tough? b**h please
Thats why our president be getting your leader on her knees
Squeaky little voice and a nice pink shirt
Step any closer and Ill start to think youre trying to flirt
Your country is nothing but Americas b**h
So, no matter what you say, youre technically s**ing my dick
Youre spitting all these words but you aint saying sh**
Youre like a man who claims hes the devil but cant sin

Theodore Saidden:
Youve already mentioned twice me s**ing your dick
Now, thats two times that youve said gay sh**
Our countrys not a b**h, its the land of the free
Your whole nation couldnt even survive the GFC
Acting tough with your guns but were tough in the heart
Your mouth is just a bum so when youre rapping, you fart
All you talk about is b**hes, hoes, money and cars
But the only thing youre doing is s**ing on lard
How does it feel to have an image thats based on a lie?
Youre like a rich, fat kid who paid his way out of a fight
Youre not as tough as us, even if you tried
Like Kelly said, such is life: Aussie pride

Theodore Saidden: So, uh, howre you getting home?

Nathan Saidden: I dont know, man.

Theodore Saidden: Its a bit late. You can crash at mine if you want.

Nathan Saidden: Well, whatever.

Theodore Saidden: But Ive only got water, alright.

Nathan Saidden: Dont push it. Youre an embarra**ment. Youre an embarra**ment.

Theodore Saidden: Why do you sound like Vin Diesel now? Why?

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 01:08