SwizZz - 989 (DFUOB6 Entry)

Song Rating: 7.65/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Grampa Alex]
Guess Im first up to bat -
Bout to hit a homerun: Babe Ruth the track
Im a smooth talker, like a diplomat
I gotta chase this dream til its where Im at
k** everything, shoot from the iliac
Theyll remember what I write, like the Iliad
Kick back, have a chat with the abstract maniac, til he snaps and you get trapped, better get back!

Got a problem with these rappers blowing up
Real recognize real, you aint showing up
Never been real, you were only showing off
God all on my side, so Im going off
Murdering the track like a hitman
Im just trying to do my best to make a hit, man
Everybody go insane when I be chopping, cant believe what they be hearing when I flow it like this, man! Ah!

Hungry for the fame, I could just eat a beat
Cause Im out of my mind, call me B.o.B
Or maybe Nicki, hah
Watch what you say to me
Cause I dont fool around, I dont fear nobody but G-O-D

See I, Relapse and Recover
Then go Berzerk on another
Yo, but my rhymes aint Shady
No, I dont be undercover
I say it out in the open
Even if it sounds like Im braggin
In this rap Game of Thrones
Im one of the last of the dragons

[Verse 2: Excursion]
Verse two, you already knew
Excursion, Im brand new
Hopped up on this verse, like I ran through
Damn, I even gained a couple fans, too
You let a man loose
Who could hand you
A verbal grandstand like Im Wilkes Booth
You got the chills, boo?
Got the chills, too?
This is what lyrical sk**s can do

When they appeal to you
And they feel it, too
Im the biggest catch, are you gonna reel it, too?
My rhymes in the bank, Ima steal it, too

Im just trying to make some bank with a deal or two
Lets break it down
Lets get it started
Ill show you how I drain the market
You take a deal, throw it in the garbage
Hold up, flows about to get retarded

In 96, I was born a psycho
Cause sometimes, I just wanna fight a dike ho
With a rifle strapped to my Mongoose bike, though
I might just explode on this tight flow
Im white, yo, so itll be quite a sight, bro
Its nice to know that you cant even write, though
I might go James on a beat, like Franco
Yall faggots weep, like your name was Frank O

Sometimes, I just wanna choke a rapper
Grab his career and then choke it after
All for a couple of jokes and laughter
Im just a broke, psychotic bastard
20-14, and its getting faster
So damn fast, I can barely catch it
Other rappers gonna try and match it
Spit this sh**, but I barely practiced

[Outro Verse: Both Rappers]
Back from the dead, wheres my Jackson jacket?
You make me laugh, you and your wack clique

On the attack, like Im back in action
f** you up like a fifth of Captain

Cant kick me, Im like the baddest habit
Go off on the beat, like its automatic

k**ing these rappers, need a ma** of caskets
Knock em all dead, hats off to Ca**ius -

Clay. Coming straight out the Bay

So listen close what we bout to say

Im not trying to be overplayed
I just want an outlet to ignore the pain

Hold up, motherf**er, let me turn the page
I spent years, studied up, and I learned the game

You learned the same, but I yearn to say
I was sent to put you other rappers to shame

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 05:56