TM88 - Sticks And Bandanas

Song Rating: 9.35/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook] (2x)
Sticks and bandanas (2x)
All my young n***as round me got them sticks and bandanas
Sticks and bandanas (2x)
When we got anna, we use sticks and bandanas

[Verse 1]
n***a got some anna, wanna go to war, Tony Montana
Cinnabon drum, extendo clip hanging on just like a banana
Bouldercest Road, Sun Valley soldier, whole paradise got bandanas
Posted at the store, half a million plays, the trap done went bananas
n***a try to rob, Joker type gun blew his a** off the map like NASA
Red and white chain, college girl brain but a n***a didnt go to Stanford
Smoking up the gas, Freddie sent the gas, this OG something special
If the (?) bring me bricks, no remix and it came on schedule
Sipping on the Activist, boy this sh** running right through my blood vessel
(?) tip, extended clip but the rocket shoot baby missiles
Schwarzenegger gun, n***a play them games, get erased like a number 2 pencil
Gold mouth dog, wrist (?) cold, 10 racks sits on my dental

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 2]
Riding through East Atlanta, antenna got bandanas
Stay strapped up, Glocks and hammers, go broke like MC Hammer
If a n***a run up on me, 40 turn you to a dancer

Balling in the club like a n***a got cancer
All my young n***as with me, they gon shoot for free
American Deli, shoot your a** with this (honeybee?)
Bandanas with the sticks, my young n***as with the sh**s
Cinnamon roll drum, let them bullets make them sh**
Call me Daffy Duck, the way the chop-chop-choppa spit
Treat your head like a brick, boy you bout to get it split (Skrrt!)
No banana and my diamonds Tropicana
All my young n***as with me keep them choppas and bandanas

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 3]
Loco with the .44, got bricks just like El Chapo
You know I keep gas, Im just like a Citgo
Orange and black diamonds got me feeling Ochocinco
Hater copy swag, p**y n***a like Kinkos
Sniper rifle stick, shoot a n***a like a free throw
Rats want my cheese cause my pockets on Doritos
Wrapping up the bricks like a n***a sell burritos
Mini .223, same size Danny Devito
Cameras on my trap, damn might shoot you through the peephole
Tryna dodge the feds cause they giving out the RICO
Married to the game but you married to a free hoe
How you get them racks? Cause I skrrt skrrt in the dope hole

[Hook] (2x)

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