Uncle Howie - Bums

Song Rating: 8.10/10

Song lyrics:

Pistol packin, monkey drinkin, no money BUM!
The bum from the park get a job you bum!
Homeless people livin in the train stations
jealous, lazy bum

[Mr. Hyde]
Im just a piece of sh** bum stinkin wretched and foul
When I stumble by youll have to hold your breath for a while
I can hear my stomach growl but I got no loot man
So Im taxin oranges from your neighborhood fruit stand
Fishin in the creek thought I saw some movement there
But if it aint no fish maybe Ill catch a boot to wear
Eat a 3 course meal that I found in debris
And now Im off to the park cause water fountains are free
Got the clap, TB whooping cough and gonorrhea
Think of puke piss and beer but mostly diarrhea
See I sleep on a bench covered in a plastic bag
My feet f**in stench cant recall my last bath
Lookin strange on the train beggin you for your change
Kind of like a sick animal with rabies and mange
Out my left pant leg urine leak to the floor
I got fleas like a dog and f**in reek like a morgue
While you worried about your mansion Im concerned with the street
And if I had a dollar kid Id probably burn it for heat
See Im frozen alone and sneakerless with toe jam
Age is 25 but I look like an old man
Ill tell you Im starvin and need money for food
But every penny I use is gettin spent on my booze
Havent showered in months I stink like rotted vegetables
But still hop on the train kid and sit right next to you
[Hook] 2X

Bums smell like rancid sh** lookin like Jesus and Manson mixed
Rockin diseases hepatitis a leper with a virus
Reppin the sidewalks, hes full of pride when he talks

Thousands have died in the parks from Parkinsons
And hypothermia like victims in Germany
In the infirmary lazy permanently
Lookin like a deranged f** walkin the streets with a change cup
Full of zombies dying for a salami a slice of pastrami
Spend a night in a lobby fiendin for a blanket
I seen a bum rockin my 8 year old Fila jacket
Hell probably shank someone for you a dollar for hire
Cuz hell do anything for a frankfurter from papaya
Refuse to work a leech on permanent vacation
In Hibernation asleep under the boardwalk at the beach
In junkyards collecting bottles in shopping carts
Human roaches infested shelters stinkin like rottin farts
Carpenter bums stay hands on
Building homes made of cardboard boxes that cats breakdance on
Vietnam vets with no legs that cant afford eggs
Begs dressed in rags rockin a sh** bag full of dregs

[Hook] 2X

[Uncle Howie]
Listen mother f**er get this strait
Your momma got a p**y like a B 58
Runs by electric runs by gas
Your momma got a p**y like King Kongs a**
Hey little girl does your mother know youre out?
With your pants off and your p**y stickin out
Somebody whore poor kid
Did you get a hard on not yet
Are you gonna get one you bet
Oh ho ho ho
Bum bum a bum bum bum bum
Ho ho ho ho
Bum bum bum bum bum bum
Cut it cut it cut it

Homeless...shes homeless

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 03:17