Vanessa Mdee - Monifere

Song Rating: 7.62/10

Song lyrics:

Monifere my babeeeeee
Mshike mkono mshike mkono/ mfuate pale alipo mshike mkono
Mvute kisha mvute mkatike mkatike mkatike kisha mkatike

Chorus- Vanessa
You know its you Monifere my baby
Just stay with me oh baba you dey go make me crazy X2

Verse - Gosby
I wanna show the world that youre my girl
Whatchu want I got you girl
Prada, Gucci, Fendi girl/usiniambie hupendi girl
I said I got this em paper girl/ kiss you in public I dont care
Touch you in public I dont care
Squeeze you in public I dont care you know why
Coz love is in the air/ hawana kitu wanaleta umbea umbea
Im not doing ish zaidi ya kuwaombea/ Em b**hes they like coco
Huh you need a beach I can you buy coco
Im fabolous do you think Im Loso
You thirsty I can get you cocoloso
Lets make love while we listenin to Azonto lets go

You know its you Monifere my baby
Just stay with me oh baba you dey go make me crazy X2

Verse 2 - Vanessa
I dont wanna be just any girl

Save my number as baby girl
Material things they cant buy my world, take a dive in my ocean and find your pearls
I know you got that thing called paper boy
Kiss me in public/ I dont care
DP on BBM/ cause you care
Facebook status/ would you dare
You know why? I definitely know that youre my guy
Na hata wakisema kwamba najidai, I dont mind
I know they jealous cos we fly and we keep on elevating cos we on cloud nine
Peter Parker picked a pair of perfect pickles
Thats how you perceive me baby, I know Im your equal
Put your pride aside and tuck away your ego
Actually bring it back - I love the way we mingle

Chorus X2

Bridge - Vanessa
And if you spot that guy, u wanna claim him tonight
Mfuate pale alipo mshike mkono mvute kisha mkatike mshike
Mkono mkatike, viuno vikate, legeza kiuno kikate ayyy aiii!

Bridge - Gosby
And if I spot you gal mbona utakoma tonight
Nitavyokuingiza ndani halafu baby nitakuambia ukatike/ ebu fanya ukatike halafu baby ukatike ebu fanya ukatike eyaaaaa

Chorus X2

Moniferee my baby yeeeaaaah
Moniferee my baby ohoooo yeeaah mmmh
Monifere my baby aiiiiii yeaaaah

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