Various Artists - Chronic 2000

Song Rating: 7.10/10

Song lyrics:

Intro: Treach
Its Time to throw your dubs up
Time to tear da f**in clubs up
Chronic 2 on the Jersey Set
For all you n***as who aint heard me yet
WE RIDE! Chronic 2000. Still Smokin Baby

Verse 1: VK
Release the funkiness out of the chamber, Lets see who remains
See who got the knack with the irrevocable, indisputable brain
Well unquestionably its VK, Holler Mayday
Im comin out to play, la la na na
Yo, years went by because I knew what I could do. Whats that?
Take the microphone and hold my own against any crew
Cuz all I live to do is this
Flex my plex and release cuts and layed back with the sticky buddha sets
Partna it dont even make no sense be this hype
Atomic lyrics hittin ya fools makin your fingaz drop the mic
Handlin buisness, Whos da first eye to eye witness
To feel the pain on the brain and plus get put on my sh** list
Im takin bones and slashin em. Dont forget about your wrists
Im takin em pullin you like you was a b**h
Huh, My sh** is addictive like that sticky green chronic
Had you lookin up in the sky, thinkin you bionic

Hook: Treach
Its time to throw your dubs up
Its time to tear da f**in clubs up
Thats Right...
Chronic 2 on the Jersey Set
For all yall n***as who aint heard me yet
We Ride!

Verse 2: Treach
Okay, its time to blaze the new millenium
I got a dick to smack a b**h and make her Kitty cum

f** wit Dimes, plus I trickle wit the ghetto nickles
f** 5-0, I got a land-to-air stolen missle. d**h Row!
And you thought this sh** was shut down? f** you
You might see me, Pac and Suge round
Buying weed from a chronic spot uptown
Cuz n***as aint dead, they fed, rollin wit Jersey
30,000 project n***as is wildin
Cuz we da n***as datll jack yo a**, smack yo a**
Take all yo a**s caps, cast and cap yo a**
You f**in buckin wit da beast from the east
Best from the west, clout from the south, and nothin less from the midwest
Like Mex Im too close on two coasts
Numero uno, Wild as Cujo, b**h you know
On the side thatll snatch a snitch, Catch yo b**h
Rap for kicks, Then smack yo rick

Hook: (2 times)

Verse 3: VK
Why try, I came equipped to throw your whole clan off
So pull your weapon its a woman to man stand-off
I woulda called your crew for you but the sorry stacks ran off
Ima make the world see what I already saw
VKs switchin the game now I be a legit baller
We could go straight up or we could switch it to (?)
Is a ghetto scholar, with the power to show improve
You pray for my destruction, I execute the plan that you used
I dont care who you send, no one is equivelent
I took your script now you look annerexic on Fen Phen
d**h Row aint finished
So now you must be thee, and I witness the dimishin
From a born hustler, Climbin ya
Grippin ya by ya juggler, disconect yo mainframe
And disrespect ya like old furniture
Mad atcha, unleashin this VK and d**h Row gat atcha
Flippin...(?), ...(?)...Spatula
Hook: 2x

Hook: 2x

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 17:40