Voodoo X - What Can I Do

Song Rating: 7.16/10

Song lyrics:

What can I do? Im in the hands of fate
What can I say? Im lost and cant escape
To set myself free, I should just walk away
I want so much to love you
But I hesitate
I want you to be with me

So what can I do to show you
That Im thinkin of you and I wanna say
What can I do to know you to learn

How to love you in every way

What can I do? Im standing in between
If I knew just what to tell you
Just what I really mean
I need you to be with me

Each night it seems you walk into my dreams
But now, baby, you know that Ive had enough
After all this time should have let you know
That I need to be with me

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 11:57