Yung Simmie - 275 $uicide

Song Rating: 8.21/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Big Grieve]
Creeping out the motherf**ing tomb
Lil $lick been cursed since the womb
Riding in the Vette in the projects
Couple pills in me with a cocked tec
Trigger finger itching from the Hi-tech
Junkie with a $uicide mindset
Aiming for a motherf**ing cops head
Murder! murder! murder!
Now theyre all dead!
Burning the crucifix
Spit on your grave lil b**h
$carecrow dont give a f**
Eyes rolling back as Im whipping the Lac
We the sharks and we smell some blood
Underwater full of slaughter
Grey *59 the gods of horror
k** the priest and burn the alter
See the greys creeping out the corner

[Verse 2: Yung Mutt]
p**y tryna throw some shade, but Im shrugging
Throw shade at ruby you gon have to find a way to block out the sun or something
Now that p**y boy struggling
Mutt in his b**h now that p**y boy wondering
Cut in his wrists got that p**y boy stumbling
All these s**ers wanna hate

I aint gonna lie it makes my f**ing day
If it f**ing escalates hand Yung Simmie a banana clip
Yelling out RIP as the chopper spray
7th Ward lord got a grave full of f**boys buried by the lake
7th Ward lord gotta pay
If you want to be a boss hog instead of a f**ing slave

[Verse 3: Yung Simmie]
Im bout whatever you bout
These n***as talking just running theyre mouth
Im a block boy I came from the south
Ima kick it with your girl then Im kicking her out
n***as hating on my name when they know what Im bout
Ive been that n***a I can be your b**h clout
I was smoking Cali weed thought it was a drought
I been had golds in my mouth
I been Macd up
f**ed your girl at your house
Had my feet on your couch
Left the condom wrapper out
Rap n***as all talk, f** gossip
Im a real n***a I be all about my profit
I pull up, do me, you dont do enough
I be smoking OG I be in the cut
Simmie Simmie two times two double cup
If you run up on me Ima f** you up
n***a what is up?

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 20:39