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Song lyrics:

[Intro: Orang Malaya, ZSYIA, Viktoria]
Got V and Z up in this b**h
HOAX in the block
HOAX in the block

[Hook: ZSYIA & Viktoria]
Girl, whatcha doing there, girl?
Girl (girl), whatcha doing there, girl?
Whatcha doing there (whatcha doing there, girl?)
Whatcha doing, whatcha doing, whatcha doing there, girl?

[Verse 1: Viktoria]
Bow down to the bad b**hes in town
Bad b**hes, we aint f**ing around
Better navigate yourself from this mortherf**ing space
Fly away, youre a convict
Who the f** do you think you are?
Telling people what to do in their car
Aint nobody tell me how to do this sh**
Playing around, doing nothing but throwing fists
Youre a sinking ship, and Im a bad b**h
Im a bad b**h, Imma Imma bad b**h

[Bridge: Orang Malaya]
F r s on the track

Fire up in this b**h

[Verse 2: ZSYIA]
Imma ma**acre some b**hes
Then Imma meditate
But I aint in the murder business
So baby, namaste
Put down your AKs, Im the one you trynna hate
I roll some blunts higher than the Emirates
Higher than the Emirates (2x)
Lets go
Oh whatcha doing in the club on a Tuesday
f**ing all around baby you say
Keep your eyes and keep his gaze
Make them come up to your way
And he says baby girl call me daddy
I say, f** you, you aint daddy
Oh honey you want strong, you want bad girls
Get defensive when shes on her f**ing whirl
For the young and vicious
Just hella delicious
Shes got more than just an ambition
Weve got more than just a vision
Whatcha doing, whatcha doing, whatcha doing girl?
Come on baby, come on baby, let me rule your world

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 21:01